Who is Mitch?

Mitch is an Australian-based entrepreneur, startup guy, freelancer, and hacker.

Mitch is an experienced front-end web developer specializing JavaScript and jQuery development. His advanced aptitude working with complex data driven API’s has seen Mitch work for some of Australia’s most exciting startups and some of the worlds largest brands.

Since Spotify’s App API release in 2011, Mitch has developed an enviable reputation for delivering some of the most exciting Spotify apps released to date. These include the internationally recognized ‘We Are Hunted’ chart, Reebok, Sony Legacy and Ticketmaster Spotify apps.

Mitch’s unique perspective on user experience sees him marry his intense love for clean, timeless design, with bleeding edge, scalable code. He strives to make his applications an experience to remember which is evident in all applications he has released.


Mitch is currently working on some awesome startups, freelance websites and hacking several side projects.


As a startup guy Mitch is often freelancing out to a variety of clients to share his expertise. Mitch does everything from front-end implementations, full stack website development, design input and Spotify application builds. Mitch has worked with some of the worlds most exciting companies and startups, including; Sony, Reebok, eMusic, We Are Hunted, Jack Daniels, Mushroom Records and more.


Engineering Music Discovery that values influences over behaviors to unlock new and inspired music recommendations – Rethink Music Intelligence. Mitch works with Swarmmer as the primary front-end JavaScript developer and also with as a co-founder in a product capacity, thinking up new ways to help people better enjoy music discovery. Swarmmer is also featuring at The Next Web Europe Conference 2014 Amsterdam.


Festival charts is a simple web app that allows users to learn more about artists who are showcasing at their favorite festivals. Simply drill down by location and festival, then listen to artists attending the festival you're excited about and learn about artists you aren't yet fully aware of.

More coming soon.


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